Standard Report - Deduction Submittal

Report Description

This report provides detailed information that will accompany a check to the agency/deduction authority. This detailed report shows historical data and is a great snapshot of all payroll deductions.





Parameter Name



Date Type

Employee Check Date, Accounting Period Date, Garnishment Check Date

Paycheck’s Accounting Period Date and Check Date, Payment Bank’s Check Date

Masked SSN

True, False

If Masked SSN is set to True, then only last 4 digits of the SSN will be displayed

Start Date



End Date




All available branches

Paycheck’s branch

Deduction Type

All, 401K, Advance Bank, Boots, etc.

Lists out all the deduction types (transaction type with IsDeduction=1)

Payment Batch ID


Filters results by Payment Batch ID.

Only With Agency

True, False


Group By 1

None, Branch, Check Date, Deduction Name


Group by 2

None, Branch, Check Date, Deduction Name


Sort By

Employee Date, Check Date, Check Number

Sorts the data in the report by the value chosen in the parameter



Report Fields

Field Name


Check Date

Check Date from Paycheck

Check No.

Check Number from Paycheck

Employee Name

Employee Name of Paycheck

Case No.

Agency Reference Number from Employee Deduction


Employee’s SSN

Deduction Name

Lists out the deduction types (transaction type with IsDeduction=1) like Advance bank, Mileage, Boots, etc.


Sum of Item Bill from AP Bill Item (if Item Bill is NULL, then Amount is given as – The sum of amount deducted from a Paycheck)



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