Standard Report - 1099 NEC Report

Report Description

The 1099 NEC format includes three employees on each page and will print on regular paper, though we do recommend utilizing paper with perforation.  The type of paper to use is called 1099 NEC 3 up blank and you can find it online or at many retailers of office supplies. 

Most of the options found online will be blank on one side with instructions on the back.  If you choose not to use perforated paper, you could use blank paper and provide a copy of the instruction page found on the IRS website: 




Parameter Name Options Description
Year  Year | Supplier Name List of years greater than 2022 of quarter 4 along with the supplier name whose supplier property GenerateSeparateGSXMLFile is set to True.
SSN Text field to enter employee’s SSN/agency’s FEIN  Filters Payee’s SSN or FEIN
Generate For IRS (Review only), Employee, State Displays the information as per the value for Generate For.
Vendor State List of states in US and Canada Filters Payee’s state



Report Fields

The 1099 NEC Report will display the payee information whose gross amount is more than or equal to $600 for 4th quarter of the year greater than 2023.

Field Name Description
CORRECTED If checked, it's a corrected version
Supplier Name Supplier Name of the 4th quarter passed in the Year parameter
Supplier Address 1 Supplier’s address of the 4th quarter passed in the Year parameter 
Supplier Phone # Supplier’s Main Phone Number 
Payer's TIN Supplier’s FEIN   
Recipient's TIN Payee’s SSN or FEIN
Nonemployee compensation Payee’s Gross Amount
RECIPIENT'S name Payee’s Name
Street address Payee’s Primary Address 1 and Address 2
City Payee’s Primary City
State Payee’s Primary State
Zip Code Payee’s Primary Zip Code
Federal income tax withheld N/A
Account number N/A
State tax withheld N/A
State/Payer's state no. N/A
State income N/A



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