Standard Report - Customer Contact Message

Report Description

Lists all messages associated with a contact as well as the associated customer information. This report shows a compact list of all messages sent to a particular contact. It can be useful when any former messages to a specific contact need to be retrieved for tracking.





Parameter Name



Customer Name


Filters results by Customer Name.

Date Type

Entered Date, Start Date

Message’s Original Start date time or Start date time

Start Date



End Date



Action Type

All available Choice codes present in “Message” category



All available branches

Branch associated with Customer linked to the message



Report Fields

Field Name


Customer Name

Name of the customer linked to the message.

Department Name

Name of the Department associated with the customer.


Main number of the customer and has “Is Primary” checked


Detailed address of the Customer.

Contact Name (Of Section 1)

Name of the individual who is a contact to the associated customer linked to the message.

Phone Number

Main number of the Contact and has “Is Primary” checked


Email of the contact.


Title of the contact.


Contact Role of the contact


Date when the message was logged.

Displays the particular dates per Action Type based upon the Date Type selected.


Name of the user who entered the message.

Displays the particular users per Action Type


Shows the Message logged.

Displays the particular messages per Action Type

Contact Name (Of Section 2)

Name of the contact who created the message.

Displays the particular contacts per Action Type



Required Setup

The client needs to setup the email and phone number of the contact and customer in the Contact Method section of the Detail tab of the Contact and Customer.



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