Config Option - AllowDropDownAndAddEmployeeBankName



This property controls whether the user can both select a bank name from a drop-down and manually add a bank name during the Direct Deposit setup.



AllowDropDownAndAddEmployeeBankName properties

Admin Tools location: Config Option > Site > Branch Setting
Default: False
Valid values:

True: This property value is active, and the user is able to both select a Bank Name from the dropdown and add a new bank name manually.

When the value of this property is True, it overrides the property configuration of AllowDropDownEmployeeBankName.

False: This property value is not used, and the Bank Name configuration defaults to the property configuration of AllowDropDownEmployeeBankName.

Users are only allowed to select Bank Names from the dropdown; no bank name can be added manually.

Where the setting is reflected... The Direct Deposit Setup tab in the Employee section.



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