Config Option - NumberOfDaysToGoBackForSecondDayCalls


Updated 11/16/2021


The NumberOfDaysToGoBackForSecondDayCalls property holds the number (N) which is used to pull those assignments on which the Second day call has to be made. It is used to calculate the start date range which determines which assignments to be pulled up. The start date range has to be from Getdate ( )-number of days it is holding to getdate ( ). It is mostly used in counter stored procedures like clu_GetMySecondDayCallAssignment, clu_GetSecondDayCallAssignment etc.



NumberOfDaysToGoBackForSecondDayCalls properties

Admin Tools location: Config Option > Site > Branch Setting
Default: 7
Valid values: Number of days.
Where the setting is reflected... All Message sections of Avionté.


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