Config Option - DefaultApplicantRedirectURL


Updated 10/25/2021


The DefaultApplicantRedirectURL property sets the default URL applicants will be redirected to after they apply to a job position from a job board. For example, many suppliers choose to direct applicants back to the home page of their job board.

This default URL is used in the Order and DH Order sections when posting an order to the web. It appears as the default choice in the Post Order to Web Wizard's "Redirect URL for Applicant" field. The "Redirect URL for Applicant" field, in turn, sets the URL that online applicants will be taken to when they click Return to Job Board after completing a job application.



DefaultApplicantRedirectURL properties

Admin Tools location: Config Option > Site > Branch Setting
Default: Blank (no value)
Valid values: A valid URL path for the applicant redirect.
Where the setting is reflected... PostOrderToWeb Wizard's Redirect URL for Applicant field.


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