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Updated 06/25/2021



To add a new favorite:

  1. Navigate to Favorites > Home. 
  2. Click the New Favorites button on the right-hand corner of the window. 

  3. Fill out the following fields under the Favorite Group Info group:

    Field Description
    Name Name for the new group.
    Description A description of the new group.
    Status Select a status for the group from the drop-down menu.
    Type Select a type for the group from the drop-down menu (i.e., employee, assignment, etc.)
    Parent Assign this group to another group as a subordinate.

  4. Select the users the group will be shared with.
  • Click My Branch Users to share the group only with users from your branch.
  • Click My Supplier Users to share the group among all users at your supplier.
  • Select the individual users to share the group with. 
  • Click Next

  • Add entities to the Favorites group in the Add Favorite Group Items tab.

  1. Select the entity to search for in the Type drop-down.
    Note: This field will default to the value entered on the Add/Edit Favorite Group tab.

  2. Select the type of search to conduct from the Search Type drop-down.

  3. Enter the criteria by which to search in the Search Text field.

  4. Press Enter on the keyboard to perform the search.

  5. Select the desired entities from the search grid. 
    Note: More than one search may be required to add all of the desired entities to the Favorites group.
  • Click Finish to save the new group.


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