Web Reports Overview

User reports - also known as Web Reports - are listed in the Core Application's Reports > Standard Reports area, however, the reports are actually administered by the Avionté Admin portal and made available to the Customer and Vendor portals.


Report Name Description
Web Billing Summary The total bill hours and amounts worked within the start and end date provided
Web Check Register Detail paycheck information for employees working for that customer during that time period
Web Current Temps on Assignment Active assignment information for the time period along with the hours and bill amount used
Web Ended Assignment Performance Assignment information of those ended between the time period passed as a parameter
Web Hired by Customer Assignment information of all active assignments
Web Invoice History Invoice detail of all the invoices with invoice date within the time period passed
Web Missed Punch Web time info of those web time that is missing a punch
Web New Hire All employees that received their first paycheck within a specified date range
Web Open Requisition Order information for orders with an active status
Web Order History Order information such as start/end date and status for each order entered within the time period
Web Present Employee Count Punch in/out information along with the total count per customer
Web Spending The total hours and amounts for each customer and department
Web Submitted Unapproved Time Time card information that has been submitted but is not yet approved by the supervisor.
Web Temp Usage History Assignment information along with the total hours and billing information for that time period
Web Wage Change Summary Information on transactions in which a rate change was completed for the active assignment for that period



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