Access Config Options

The Config Option section of Avionté contains all of the settings for allowing or disabling various functions within Avionté. 

Access Config Option

Config options are located within Admin Tools.
  1. From the Start Page, select Admin Tools from the Actions menu.
  2. Select System from the left pane
  3. Double-click Config Option in the right pane.
  4. The System | Config Option window is displayed.
    Note: The difference between the ConfigOption By Property tab and the ConfigOption BY FKName tab is how the options are displayed. The content is the same.
    In "Property," config options are filtered by the element selected in the Select Type drop-down menu (System, Supplier, Site, Group, User).
    In "FKName," all config options are displayed and are categorized according to the element to which they may be applied.  

  5. By default, the Config Option By Property tab is displayed.
    Use the Select Type drop-down menu to begin locating the desired options available per the level selected.
    Level Description
    System Contains system-wide settings and includes third-party application settings and healthcare options.
    Supplier Additionally separated by supplier, these setting control configuration at a finer level that might differ between different suppliers.
    Site Also known as Branches, these settings are broken up by branch and mostly control UI and validation settings for a chosen site.
    Group Similar to Group, but allows batch-type configuration to be done for a created group.
    User These settings control how a user will interact with the Avionté system and what permissions will be granted to this user.
  6. After selecting a level, select an element from the SelectCategory menu to determine what element will have the config option characteristics applied.
  7. In the SelectOptionType panel, click on the check box for each config option to determine whether the option is applied to the previously selected category.
  8. Tab off the config option to apply the settings.
  • If a confirmation window is displayed, select OK or Cancel to accept or reject the change.


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