Admin Tools: Form Access/Restrict (Add or Remove Main Menu Option Access)

The Admin Tool Form option allows users with Admin Tool privileges to grant or restrict access to certain menu and sub-menu items for specific users.

Changing Visibility Settings in Config Form

The Config Form window has two panes; one for selecting an affected sub-menu or menu item and one for selecting which entities (users, groups) will be affected.

  1. From the Start Page, click the Actions drop-down menu and select Admin Tools

  2. Under "Category," select System. Under "Select", click Form. The "System | Config Form" window displays.

  3. In the "Config Form" panel, select the section of the app that you would like to grant a user access to. Click + next to the appropriate sections to expand the main menu and sub-menu trees. 

    Note: The Config Form panel main menu and sub-menu trees mirror the layout of the Main Menu of Avionté.

  4. Once you have located the area of the application that needs to be updated for user access, click the menu or sub-menu item so that it is highlighted. The name of the selection will also populate directly below in the "Label" field. A list of users will populate in the right side of the open window.

  5. Select a radio button in the "Shared By" pane to view individual users or groups of users. 

  6. Check the box under "IsVisible" next to the individual username or group to grant access to the area of the Avionté application. To remove access, remove the checkmark. 

    In the example below, all users in the listed groups have access to the Payroll section of Avionté except for "Sales" because there is no checkmark in the "Is Visible" column.

  7. When all of the necessary changes have been made, click Save.


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