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Updated 07/12/2021


The Search Type section in Admin Tools allows users to enable the visibility of existing search types. Note that Avionté does not customize newly made search types or saved search procedures. 



Add a Search Type

Note: In order for the added search type to function correctly, a corresponding entry must be made in the search procedure. Contact your Avionté support team for more information.
  1. Navigate to Start Page > Actions Menu > Admin Tools > Category = System > Search Type

  2. Click Add New. This will clear all the fields in the lower portion of the window.

  3. Complete the fields as necessary.

    • Category: Select the category the search will appear under.
    • Search Type: Enter a name for the search type. This must correspond with a previous addition to the search procedure.
    • Input Mask: Enter the input mask for the search type.
    • Country: Enter the country the search type will be applicable to.
    • Is Default: Mark the box if the search is a default search type.
    • Shared By: Select the users able to view and use the search type.

  4. Click Save to add the new search type to the upper grid.



Disable a Search Type

Available search types can be hidden from view by a user or group.

  1. Navigate to Start Page > Actions Menu > Admin Tools > Category = System > Search Type

  2. Click on a search type in the upper-grid to select it.

  • By default, the group that can view that search type is displayed in the Shared By area below. 

  • Click a check mark next to a group to remove the group's access.
  • To remove access from a specific user:
    • Click "User" above the Shared By area.
  • A list of users will populate in the Shared By area.

  • Click a check mark next to a user to remove the user's access.

  • Click Save.


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