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The Split Plan section in admin tools allows for the creation of revenue sharing plans for use when processing transactions.

In the case where the revenue generated by an assignment needs to be split between multiple suppliers or branches a split plan should be constructed for use. When a split plan is applied to a time entry batch it will split all transactions and ready the new revenue distribution for use in reporting.


Configure a Split Plan

  1. Access Admin tools
  2. Select the Split Plan option. The split plan creation screen will open.

  3. Select an existing split plan, or click the Add New button.
  4. Enter a name in to Split Plan field
  5. The IsDefault check box can be marked if this should be applied by default.
  6. Select the type of branch (assignment, customer, employee) which will be given a percentage of the profit from the Split Option column
  7. Enter the split percentage (out of 100) that this branch will receive. 
    Note: It is possible to raise the total percentage above 100%, as pictured. It is not recommended however, as it may cause a misrepresentation of actual profit received. 
  8. Once all of the branches have been selected, click save to preserve any changes.

Apply a Split Plan

Split plans can be applied either during or after order creation from the Order > Detail > More Info section using the Split plan dropdown.

Alternatively, they can be changed during the time entry process using the Time entry > Card View section. 


Use a split plan

There are two ways a split plan can be used after applied to an order during payroll processing.

  1. The profit sharing can be mapped, recorded, and displayed using reports for tracking and metrics.
  2. The split profits amounts can be used in customized procedures.



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