Employee portal config Option - Web_TimeEntry_AllowEmployeeUnSubmitTime


Updated 07/28/2021


The Web_TimeEntry_AllowEmployeeUnSubmitTime property controls whether employees can un-submit a time card and edit their time for a previously submitted timecard if not already approved. When this feature is enabled, the Unsubmit button will appear in the Time Entry section of the Employee portal. In addition, an email can be sent upon an un-submit of a timecard. For more information on this, see the related links below.


Web_TimeEntry_AllowEmployeeUnSubmitTime properties

Property location: Avionte Admin Portal > Portal Property> Employee portal
Default False
Valid values: True: Allows employees to un-submit their timecards and edit the time.

False: The ability to un-submit timecards is not provided to employees.
Where the setting is reflected... The Time Entry section of the Employee portal.


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