Standard Report - Payroll History

Report Description

Shows payroll details by employee. This report shows all payroll details and can be useful when closing out payroll.




Parameter Name




All available branches

Check's Branch

Date Type

Accounting Period Date, Check Date

Check’s Accounting Period or Check Date.

Start Date



End Date





Filters results by Social Security Number



Report Fields

Supplier address of payment check​

Field Name


Employee ID

Payee ID of payment check

Employee Name

Payee name of payment check


SSN of payee

Employee Address

Payee address of payment check

Employer Name

Supplier name of payment check

Employer Address

Supplier address of payment check

Employer Phone

Supplier phone of payment check

Employer Fax

Supplier fax of payment check


FEIN number of the Supplier


Payment check branch name

Accounting Period Date

Accounting Period Date from transaction

Check Date

Check date of payment check

Check Number

Check Number of payment check

Gross Amount

Gross Amount from payment Check.

Net Amount

Net Amount from payment Check

RT Hrs

Regular hours from transaction

OT Hrs

OT hours from transaction

DT Hrs

DT hours from transaction

Pay Rate

Maximum Pay rate from transaction for regular hours



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