Standard Report - W2 Report 4Up Blank


Report Description

This report makes generating W2 forms for your employees simple and easy.

Note: If the state is New Jersey (NJ) then there will be FLI #.


New Jersey FLI #






Parameter Name




List of Year or Year followed by | and Staffing Company (if Supplier property GenerateSeparateGSXMLFile

Is set to True)

Shows the Year and the staffing company from the Config Year (Admin>Employer>Config Year). The year shown is of this year or prior year. The year is shown only if there is Q4 quarter in the Config Year Supplier Quarter.


All available branches


Primary Mailing Address

List of address type

Shows choice code with category EmployeeAddress with Primary Address added to the list. This will default and show the Primary Address. 

Note: You can select from the list of address types to select the address you'd like to display on the W2. 

Primary Order By

First Name/Last Name/SSN/State

Orders report according to selection



Filters by employee SSN

Local Tax


Excludes employees that do not have W2 containing a local tax record entered in the parameter

WH Tax State


Excludes employees that do not have W2 containing a WH tax record entered in the parameter

Employee Status

List of employee status

Filters employee by status

Include Electronic W-2


When "True", will show employees that have consented to electronic delivery.  When "False" will not show employees that have consented to electronic delivery. 

Show Corrected


When True is selected, “CORRECTED” is visible in red color between the top and bottom section of the report, and when false is selected “CORRECTED” is not visible

Show ONLY Last 4 SSN


This will either show the full SSN or mask it, showing only the last 4



Report Fields

Field Name


W2 Year

Shows the year selected

an Employee's soc. sec. no.

Shows employee’s SSN

b Employer ID number (EIN)

Shows Supplier FEIN

c Employer's name, address, and ZIP code

Shows Supplier Name, Address and Zip Code

d Control number

Shows Employee ID

e Employee's name, address, and ZIP code

Shows Employee’s Name and Full Address

1 Wages, tips, other comp.

Shows FederalWages from GS_EmployeeFedW2 table

2 Federal income tax withheld

Shows FederalTaxWithheld From GS_EmployeeFedW2 table

3 Social security wages

Shows SocialSecurityWages from GS_EmployeeFedW2 table

4 Social security tax withheld

Shows SocialSecurityTaxWithheld from GS_EmployeeFedW2 table

5 Medicare wages and tips

Shows MedicareWages from GS_EmployeeFedW2 table

6 Medicare tax withheld

Shows MedicareTaxWithheld from GS_EmployeeFedW2 table

7 Social security tips

Shows SocialSecurityTips from GS_EmployeeFedW2 table

8 Allocated tips

Shows AllocatedTips from GS_EmployeeFedW2 table

9 Advance EIC payment

Prior to 2020: Shows AdvancedEarnedIncomeCredit from GS_EmployeeFedW2 table

10 Dependent care benefits

Shows DependentCareBenefits from GS_EmployeeFedW2 table

11 Nonqualified plans

Shows NonQualifiedPlan457 from GS_EmployeeFedW2 table

12a Code See inst. for box 12

Shows first Code: Value from table GS_EmployeeFedW2Box12 for an employee

12b Code

Shows second Code: Value from table GS_EmployeeFedW2Box12 for an employee

12c Code

Shows third Code: Value from table GS_EmployeeFedW2Box12 for an employee

12d Code

Shows fourth Code: Value from table GS_EmployeeFedW2Box12 for an employee

13 Statutory employee

Shows “X” if the value of StatutoryEmployeeIndicator is True from GS_EmployeeFedW2 table

14 Other

Shows Code: Value from the table from GS_EmployeeFedW2Box14 table

15 State Employer's state ID no.

State from GS_EmployeeStateW2 table followed by StateW2ID from GS_CompanyStateW2Info table

16 State wages, tips, etc.

Shows AnnualStateWages from GS_EmployeeStateW2 table

17 State income tax

Shows AnnualStateTaxWithheld from GS_EmployeeStateW2 table

18 Local wages, tips, etc.

Shows sum of  AnnualLocalWages from GS_EmployeeLocalW2 table

19 Local income tax

Shows sum of AnnualLocalTaxWithheld from GS_EmployeeLocalW2 table

20 Locality name

Shows W2Label or TaxName if W2Label is NULL from TaxMaster

Retirement plan

Shows “X” if RetirementPlanIndicator from GS_EmployeeFedW2 is True

Third-party sick pay

Shows “X” if CompanyThirdPartySickPayIndicator from GS_CompanyFederalW2Info is True



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