Standard Report - User Scorecard

Required Setup

User is pulled from Transaction Extra, so any user type for which this report will run should be set up with the property CopyToTransaction = True and the user needs to be updated/added before the transaction is generated and processed in Time Entry.



Report Description

This report ranks your Users in terms of Gross Profit to help you to determine who are your top Account Managers, Sales Reps, and Recruiters. This report can also be sent as a regular PUSH report to your teams to help increase competition and productivity.




Parameter Name



Start Date


Transaction’s Accounting Period or Week Worked.

End Date


Transaction’s Accounting Period or Week Worked.

User Level

Assignment, Customer, Order


User Type

All Available user types based on User Level selected.


Date Type

Accounting Period, Week Worked

 Transaction’s Accounting Period or Week Worked.



Report Fields

Field Name


Rank ID

Rank users in order by Gross Profit

User Name

Pulls User Description from Transaction Extra based on User Level and User type parameter selected.

System copies User when each transaction is generated only if Copy To Transaction Property is set to be True.  

User Branch

User Branch.


Total Billed Hours (all Transaction Types).


Total Billed Hours (all Transaction Types)/Total Item Bill (All Transaction Types).


Total Bill Amount for all transaction types.


Total gross wages for all Transaction Types.

Agency Cost

Total agency cost for all Transaction Types.

GP $

Total Gross Profit.

GP %

GrossProfit divided by ( BillAmount + GPAdjustmentBill -DiscountAmount )

GM $

Gross Margin = Total Bill - Total Pay - Agency Cost


Gross Margin % = (Total Bill - Total Pay)/Total Bill * 100

Emp #

Distinct Employee Count

Cust #

Distinct Customer Count

Ord #

Distinct Order Count

Asg #

Distinct Assignment Count



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