Standard Report - Time Entry Batch by Accounting Period Date

Report Description

The report displays time entry batches sorted by an accounting period date. This report is useful to see the total number of hours an employee worked and some details about their pay and bill rates grouped by Batch ID.





Parameter Name



Accounting Period Date


Filters result by Transaction’s Accounting Period Date.


All available branches

Transaction’s Branch

Batch ID


Filters results by transaction’s Batch ID.



Report Fields

Field Name


Wk. Worked

Transaction’s week worked date.

Asg #

Assignment ID of assignment associated with transaction.


Transaction’s Branch.

Batch ID

Batch ID from Transaction.

Batch Description

Description from time entry batch associated with transaction.

Visible only when Description is present in TimeEntryBatch associated with transaction.


User from time entry batch associated with transaction.

Visible only when user is present in TimeEntryBatch associated with transaction.


Social Security Number of employee from transaction.

Employee Name

Employee Name from Transaction.

Customer Name

Customer name from Transaction.

Department Name

Department name from Transaction.

Pay Unit

Pay Unit from transaction.

Pay Rate

Pay Rate from transaction.

Pay Total

Total Pay from transaction.

Bill Unit

Bill Unit from transaction.

Bill Rate

Bill Rate from transaction.

Bill Total

Total Bill from transaction.

Margin Total

Difference of Total Bill and Total Pay from transaction.

Formula= Total Bill – Total Pay

Margin Percent

Ratio of Margin Total to the Bill Total.

Formula = Total Margin / Total Bill  , where TotalBill > 0

Markup Percent

Ratio of Bill Total to Pay Total.

Formula = Total Bill / Total Pay, where Total Pay > 0


Pay Code from transaction.

Order ID

Order Id of order associated with transaction.



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