Standard Report - Payment Register

Report Description

Lists the direct deposit checks distributed.





Parameter Name



Date Type

Check Date, Accounting Period Date


Included in ACH File

Both, Yes, No

If selected yes then pulls checks with AchGeneratedDate is not null i.e has been included in ACH file. If selected as NO then pull checks with AchGeneratedDate in null (i.e has not been included in ACH file).

Start Date



End Date




All Available branches.


Account Type

All Available Account Types:
Checking, Savings, rapid! PayCard, ADP Wisely Pay Card, Global Cash Card and Change Card


  •  If you prefer not to display full Account and Routing number of employees. Please add a new Supplier Property "BankInfoInReport" with the number of characters to display. If you enter 4, the report will display both Account and Routing number as ####XXXX.



Report Fields

Field Name



Groups the report by Employer Bank used for the Payroll.


Groups the report by Paycheck's Branch.

Check #.

Pulls check number from the Paycheck.

Check Date

Pulls check date


Pulls employee’s social security number of the Employee.

Employee ID

Pulls employeeID of the Employee.


Bank Account Type.

Receiving Bank

Pulls the Bank Name where the amount was deposited.

Routing Number

Pulls the Routing number of the Bank where the amount was deposited.

Account Number

Pulls the Account number of the Bank where the amount was deposited.

Net Amount

Pulls net amount deposited to the receiving Bank.

ACH Send Date

Pulls the Date when the ACH file was generated for the deposit.



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