Standard Report - Invoice Register

Report Description

Displays invoices that have been billed.





Parameter Name




All available branches


Roll up to Parent Customer


Based on this parameter, results will either displayed per individual customer department or rolled into Root Customer.

Date Type

Accounting Period Date, Invoice Date, Date Posted

Invoice Accounting Period Date or Invoice Date

Start Date



End Date



Customer Name


Filters results by Customer Name.

Group By

Branch, Customer, Invoice Date




Report Fields

Field Name



Invoice Supplier


Invoice Branch [If Branch is not selected in Group By parameter, then Branch information will not be seen in the report]

Invoice #

Invoice Number

Customer Name

Customer Name from Invoice [If Customer is selected in Group By Parameter, then Customer is removed from detail line and added in Group Header]

Posted Date

Date invoice was posted

Invoice Date

Invoice Date from Invoice [If Invoice Date is selected in Group By Parameter, then Invoice Date is removed from detail line and added in Group Header]

Invoice Amt.

Invoice Amount

Sales Tax

Total Sales Tax levied on Invoice

Discount Amn’t

Total Amount discounted

Finance Charge

Total Finance Charge accumulated for the invoice

ACA Admin Fee

Total ACA Admin Fee associated with the Invoice

[Transaction type with system name=ACAAdminFee]

Payment Amount

Total Amount paid to the invoice

Bill Amount

Bill Amount from Invoice



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