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The Start Sheet provides useful information to an employee who is about to start a new assignment. It is generated when an employee is associated with an assignment. 



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The articles below refer to Start Sheets.

Article Title Description
Assign Actions menu item under Employee used to create a new assignment for an employee.
Assign New Actions menu item under Order used to create a new assignment for an order.
View Start Sheet Actions menu item under Assignment used to view or print a Start Sheet for an employee on an assignment.
Print Start Sheet Action menu item under Order used to view or print Start Sheets related to an order.
Print and Email Start Sheet from New Assignment Article describing the process of setting the Config Options required to allow Avionté users to either print or email Start Sheets to employees as part of creating a new assignment.



Start Sheet Information Sources


The information that appears in a Start Sheet is pulled from several different locations around the Avionté system.


The table below lists each field that appears in the default Start Sheet and identifies the source of the information that appears in field.


Field Name Source of information
Branch Name The branch the order is associated with.
Address, Phone The branch’s information.
Order ID The Order ID generated when order was created.
Assignment ID The Assignment ID generated when the assignment was created.
WC Code WC Code applied when order was created.
Rep Name The staffing representative who was associated with the assignment when it was created.
Employee Name The name of the employee associated with the assignment.
Customer Name The name of the customer that the order was created for.
Supervisor Name The customer contact with the role of “Supervisor” in Customer > Contact Roles.
Dept Name The department of the customer organization that the order was created for.
Report To The customer contact given the role of “Supervisor” in Customer > Contact Roles.
Job Title, Pay Rate, OT Rate Information provided when the order was created.
Worksite Address The address provided for the worksite when the order was created.
Phone Number Worksite Phone Number.
Job Description The description entered in the Job Description field on Order > Detail.
Directions The directions entered in the customer address entered as Worksite Address.
Dress Code Selection made under CustomerOrder > Extra for dress code.
Safety Notes Text entered as Safety Notes under Order > Extra.
Shift Times Shift information chosen under Order > Detail > More Info tab.


Note: This list describes the default contents of the Start Sheet. For additional customizations, contact your Avionté support representative.



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