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Updated 06/23/2021


The Employee, Customer, Order, DH Order, Contact, Assignment, Agency, and Favorites categories feature a Message sub-category.

When a user leaves a message for an Employee, Customer, etc., the user selects an Action Type option that describes the type of message being left. The process below describes how to add an Action Type to a specific category or multiple categories. 



Add an Action Type

Options can be added to the Action Type drop-down menu. 

  1. Navigate to Start Page > Actions > Admin Tools > Category = System > Config Choice

  2. The page is defaulted to show the Detail tab. Click Add New.

  3. Type "Message" in the Category field. 

  4. Enter a name for the new action in the Choice Code field.

  5. Enter a brief summary of the new action type in the Description field. 
    Note: The summary should be as brief as possible as it will be used for record-keeping purposes.

  6. In the Shared By area, select which branches the new action will be available to by placing a check mark in the box corresponding to the branch. This selection only designates which branches have the option to display the new action. The actual display per branch is determined in a future step in this process.

  7. Click the Save button on the lower-right. The new ChoiceCode, along with its new ConfigChoiceID, is now available as a Message action.

  8. Click the Choice Property tab to define where the new Action Type will be displayed. 

  9. Select "Message" from the Category drop-down menu. The word "Message" can also be typed in the field for faster search results. 

  10. The Select Branch drop-down menu provides a selection of branches to which the new action will be applied.
  • Select a branch from the drop-down menu
  • Place a check mark in the "Apply changes to all Branches" box and click the Go button. 

  • Find the new action in the Properties grid.

  • Using the scroll bar on the bottom of the window, scroll to the right so the SubCategory column displays.

  • Designate under which SubCategory the new message action item will display - Employee, Customer, etc. 

  • Click the Detail tab.

  • Click the Save button.


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