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Burden is the actual cost of a company to have an employee. Aside from salary, there are other factors - health insurance, pension costs, payroll taxes - that contribute to the total cost of employing an individual.
Burden is calculated and stored at the Transaction level during Payroll & Accounting Period Close Process. A burden cannot however be applied retroactively to transactions that were created prior to the burden being created.
Navigate to Start Page > Actions menu > Admin Tools > Burden to view, edit, and add burdens to the system.

Burdens will be calculated and applied for each transaction that falls under one of the selected branches.


Add a Burden

These steps enable the creation of a new burden that can then be applied to a branch with the Admin Tools > Burden Factor function.
  1. Click the Add New button. All the fields in the lower portion of the window will be cleared.
  2. Complete the fields as necessary.
    Burden Name The name given to the burden. This name will display in a drop-down menu selection on the Burden Factor page.

    Two calculation types are available:

    • NodeType - Multiplies the Gross Wages (or Agency Cost if it’s a non-W-2 Transaction) by the Burden Rate.
    • TotalSales - Multiplies the Total Bill by the Burden Rate.
    Category Burdens are organized into categories. Some (e.g. SUI) cannot be added to as they are pre-defined per SUI settings.
    Burden Rate The specific rate that will be used to calculate the burden.
    Shared By The branches that will be able to use the burden.
  3. Click Save to add the burden to the upper grid.


Remove a Burden

Because burdens may have a history that may still be applied to current data, it is not recommended to delete a burden, The application does not allow users to directly delete a burden, however, the Avionté Technical Services department may be able to remove a burden while accounting for the removal's effects.

To discontinue the use of a burden, set the date to an expired value.


General Liability

If you are using the GP Calculator, you will notice a General Liability field listed in the Calculator: 


To populate a value here, the default Burden with a name of "GeneralLiability" needs to be configured with the proper rate.




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