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Burden is the actual cost of a company to have an employee. Aside from salary, there are other factors - health insurance, pension costs, payroll taxes - that contribute to the total cost of employing an individual.

Burden is calculated and stored at the Transaction level during Payroll & Accounting Period Close Process. A burden cannot, however be applied retroactively to transactions that were created prior to the burden being created.


Burden vs Burden Factor

Burden Burden Factor
Burden applies the Burden costs universally to either Payroll or Billing. Burden Factor generally relates to one specific subset of one aspect of Payroll. An additional Burden Factor can be attached to just the Client’s MN SUI Rate…or just the MN|8810 WcCode, while leaving all other SUI and WcCodes alone.  
Burden is an addition as a percentage to EITHER Sales dollars or Pay dollars. Burden Factor is an addition as a factor (1.25 instead of 25%) to any multitude of things (Bill $, Gross Wages, ER Taxes, WcCost).
If active at/for the time the Transaction is processed, Burden will appear within the Burden columns of the Gross Profit Report. If active at/for the time the Transaction is processed, Burden Factor can appear as part of the Burden columns of the Gross Profit Report IF “Include Burden Factor” is set to True when generating the Report.


Navigate to Start Page > Actions menu > Admin Tools > Burden Factor to view, edit, and add burdens to a specific transaction type in the system.


Add a Burden Factor

  1. Click the Add New button. All the fields in the lower portion of the window will be cleared.
  2. Complete the fields as necessary.
    • Category: Select a category for the burden factor.
    • Name: Select one of the provided names of the burden factor.
      Note: These will change based on the selection in Category.
    • Burden Factor: Enter an amount for the burden factor.
    • Description: Enter a description for the burden factor.
    • Start Date: Enter a start date.
      Note: This value will be defaulted to the current date.
    • End Date: Enter an end date.
      Note: This value will be defaulted to fifty years from the current date.
    • Shared By: Select which branches the burden factor will be applied to.
  3. Click Save to add the burden factor to the upper grid.


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