Admin Tools: Config Edit Mask Type

Masks can be added or edited to determine how particular data, such as phone numbers, emails, etc., are displayed or entered within Avionte.


To add or edit a mask type:

  1. In Admin Tools, select the System category.

  2. Double-click the Config Edit Mask Type option in the list on the right. The Config Edit Mask Type window appears. Existing Mask Types defined in the system will appear in the list. You can edit an existing mask type by selecting it. To create a new mask type, click Add New.

  3. If you selected a mask type to edit, the Config Edit Mask Type group box in the lower portion of the window is populated with that mask type's existing information. If you are adding a new mask type, the fields will be blank. Edit the fields as necessary:
    • Mask Type: Enter a name for the mask type (the value can include spaces).
    • Display Mask: This value determines how the value is presented to the user within the application.
    • Edit Mask: Edit or enter the mask value. For example:
      • You could change the SSN mask type from ###-##-#### to ***-**-#### and only the last four digits would be available for entry and asterisks would appear for the preceding digits.
      • You could change it to -#### and only the last four digits would be available and the preceding digits or representative characters would not be displayed.
      • You could add a new mask type for "nickname." Use the same formats defined for Name, and set the Mask Type as "Nickname."
    • Description: Enter or edit the description of the mask type. This will appear in this list for future reference when working with mask types, but does not display elsewhere in Avionté.
  4. Click Save when finished to save or update the information. Make note of the Mask Type ID you just worked with. This value will be needed when applying the mask type in Configuration Choices.


Apply a Mask

Note: Applying a mask to a set of data within Avionté requires the use of settings within Admin Tools. If a user is not comfortable with this process, they should contact Avionté support.

To properly apply the mask type, you must add it in Config Choice within Admin tools:

  1. In Config Choice on the Detail tab, locate the choice code that contains the data you wish to mask or add a new choice code if necessary.
  2. Navigate to the ChoiceProperty tab and locate the choice code from the previous step.

  3. Enter the Mask Type ID of the desired mask (located here) in the ConfigEditMaskTypeID column.
  4. Tab off of the column to save and restart Avionté to view your changes.


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