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Updated 10/25/2021


This property contains the number value for the range in which the check date for a check correction (reissue, reversal, or void) can be set. For example, if the value is set to 7 and the current date is February 1, 2016, then the window is January 25, 2016, to February 8, 2016 - seven days on either side of February 1, 2016. Any check correction made would have to have a check date that falls within that range. 

Note: This config option is available in versions 16.1 and newer. 



CheckCorrectionWindow properties

Admin Tools location: Config Option > Site > Branch Setting
Valid values: Numerical Value (whole): The number of days prior to, or following, the current date the check date of a check correction can be set. 
Note: A blank value indicates there is no limitation. A value of 7 will set the window to a week prior to, and a week following the current date. 
Where the setting is reflected... Check Corrections


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