Customer Portal Config Option - Web_Customer_EmployeeDetailPanel_HideList


Updated 07/28/2021


The Web_Customer_EmployeeDetailPanel_HideList property controls the personal information displayed in the Customer portal when the Detail panel is displayed for an employee or candidate. Any valid values (see below) entered for the property are subsequently hidden in the Customer portal. Multiple values can be entered using a comma-delimited list.


Web_Customer_EmployeeDetailPanel_HideList properties

Property location: Avionte Admin Portal > Portal Property> Customer portal
Default: All listed values below.
Valid values: ContactInformation: Hides contact method/information details of an employee/candidate.

Document: Hides document details of an employee/candidate.

Education: Hides education details of an employee/candidate.

Message: Hides message history details of an employee/candidate.

PastJob: Hides past job details of an employee/candidate.
Where the setting is reflected... Employee Detail panel on the Vendor portal and Customer portal.



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