Customer Portal Property - Web_Time_Entry_Customer_Approve_AllowApprovalFromEmail


Updated 07/28/2021


The Web_Time_Entry_Customer_Approve_AllowApprovalFromEmail property enables a user with the role of "Time Approver" to reject or approve submitted payroll time via an email. 



Web_Time_Entry_Customer_Approve_AllowApprovalFromEmail property

Location: Admin portal: Portal Property - Customer portal selected
Default: False
Valid values: True: The email received by the time approver (user with the role of "Time Approver" for that order) can Accept or Reject time cards from that email.

False: No buttons display, and the Time Approver must log into the Customer portal to take action on the time card.
Where the setting is reflected... Time Entry


Note: A user may have multiple email addresses associated to their username (Email, Email for Invoices, etc.), however, to approve time entry, a user must have one email address designated as "IsDefault" in the Order's Contact Roles section.

  1. Navigate to Start page > Actions Menu > Admin Tools > Category = System > Config Choice

  2. Filter the list by selecting "CustomerContactContactMethod" from the Category drop-down menu field. 

  3. In either the Email row or the Invoice Email row, wnter the value "True" in the IsDefaultEmail column of the email to be the default email.



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