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Updated 07/28/2021


Avionté enables the ability to publish an order's data to an RSS feed which is in turn pulled by an external job board or social media site. 


While Avionté supplies an RSS feed out of Avionté, each customer is responsible for configuring how the landing site accesses the feed.


Note that some sites, including Facebook, do not offer direct access for RSS feeds. However, a variety of RSS access tools (i.e. zapier or are available to connect a feed to a landing site. 

Note: An RSS feed requires that the Admin Portal's Portal Property Web_JobBoard_Detail_Page has been set up correctly.


Creating the RSS Feed URL

  1. Copy the first part, and the company ID of the Login Link used for the portal URL in the Web_JobBoard_Detail_Page
    • Example:

  2. Copy the second part of the URL for the RSS feed that was provided during training.
    • Example:

  3. Merge these two copied sections together to create the URL for the RSS feed.
    • Example:

  4. Test these links to see if orders show up on this feed.


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