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Updated 06/25/2021


Note: This is one of our standard eDoc but licensable ones. So, unlike other standard eDocs, this eDoc is not made available for all the clients for free. So, you will need to request the Avionté team through a ticket to add the eDoc for you.


Please follow the steps below after the eDoc has been added for you.


1. Once the eDoc has been added to your environment, go to the Core application > Actions > Admin Tools > Employer > ‘Select a employer’ > Supplier Properties. Find supplier property ‘Equifax_WOTC_URL’ and add the Equifax WOTC URL ‘https://secure.talxtci.com/’ as value to that supplier property and click the ‘Save’ button to reflect the changes.


Please add the value to the supplier property of all the suppliers as above.


2. Log in your the Admin Portal and find the eDoc ‘Equifax Edoc’ under the ‘Edocuments’ tab. Click the ‘View’ button on the left side of the eDoc ‘Equifax Edoc’ and give the necessary branch permissions to the employees/applicants.

Click ‘Update’ to save the changes.




3. Now, the eDoc will be visible to the employees/ applicants in the employee/applicant portal.

4. The ‘WOTC’ button in the eDoc will redirect the employee to the ‘Tax Credit Questionnaire’







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