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Updated 10/22/2021


Below is the pricing for standard eDocument deployment and common modification requests. 


Deploy Standard eDocuments Pricing
New Custom eDocument Pricing
eDocument Modification Pricing



Deploy Standard eDocuments Pricing

eDocument Price
9061 Work Opportunity Tax Credit Form


Work Opportunity Tax Credit eDoc


Federal W-4 Form


Some state specific W4 Forms
*Please check with an account manager for a list of offered standard state W4 forms.


Local Earned Income Tax Residency Certification Form


I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Free
Direct Deposit Free
Direct Deposit with One Bank Free
Form 8850 (Federal) Pre-Screening Notice and Certification Request for the Work Opportunity Credit Free
Essential StaffCARE Free
Notice of Exchange with Plan $500.00
Notice of Exchange without Plan $500.00
Tax Document Consent Form Free
Federal W4 Form [Spanish Version] Free
Federal TD1 Form [Canada Specific] Free
Federal TD1 ON Form [Canada Specific] Free
Federal TD1 AB Form [Canada Specific] Free


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New Custom eDocument Pricing

A couple common new eDocument requests' pricing is outlined below. To determine the price for any other custom new eDocument please use the EdocRequestFormNEW.

Type Price
New eDocument that has any of the following: logo, text (up to 1,500 words), employee signature, date, employee name, employee SSN. $300.00
New eDoc created from translating already existing eDocument to another language (up to 1,500 words, no changes to design, or input fields prepopulate / processing). Translation must be provided by requester.  $300.00


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eDocument Modification Pricing

Please reference the table below for common flat fee modifications. For any other updates please use the Modification Custom eDoc calculator found in the EdocRequestFormMODIFICATION.

Type Price
Text update (less than 100 words) $75.00
Text update (less than 500 words) $150.00
Text update (500 words or more) $300.00
Addition of up to 10 input fields (not prepopulated, validated, or saved to core app via processing method) $150.00
Change or Add logo $100.00
Add already created custom eDocument to another portal (no changes) $100.00
Creating a custom eDocument from a standard eDocument (text only modification - modified text must be clearly defined)


Creating a custom eDocument from a standard eDocument (Note: If there are more than 15 input fields being added or changed then a custom eDocument request form must be filled out to determine the price)


Fee for comparing current eDocument content to new sample document for a modification request where no highlighted document is provided



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