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Updated 08/02/2021


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Theme Setup Overview

Admin Users can brand sections of Aero according to a standard set of web colors using "Themes." Themes can be applied to job boards and application workflows. The Aero platform is deployed with an initial theme and five themes can be added. A notification will display when the maximum number of themes has been reached.

Accent and header colors are adjusted with the use of a color palette or a text field that recognizes standard web color hexadecimal format. Visit W3schools.com for a detailed understanding of web color standards and formats.

If an applicant accesses the sign in page from the job board, the job board theme will apply to the Identity sign in page. If the applicant signs in from a workflow URL, then the workflow URL theme will apply to the sign in page. If a recruiter accesses the sign in page, the recruiter module theme will be used. 



Manage a Theme

This short video walks through fundamental usage of Theme functionality in the Recruiter Module's Admin section. 



Note: A theme is not required to save changes to the application workflow URL. If no theme is chosen, the default "Avionté" theme will display.




  1. In the Recruiter Module, click the Admin section.

  2. Click Themes from the left menu bar.

  3. Fill out the following information on the page:

    Property Name Description Additional Information
    Theme Name A name for the theme being created. This will be visible when applying Themes elsewhere in Aero.  

    The theme name also appears in Google search results as the supplier name.  See Make a Job Posting Searchable - Give Job Board Themes Search-Friendly Supplier Names for more information about theme names and their role in Google searches.
    Note: A unique Theme Name is required in order to save a theme.
    Logo for standard display The logo that will appear within the job board or application workflow when a customer loads it on a desktop web browser or standard size screen.

    Click Browse to search for and upload a logo that will be visible on standard displays. The maximum size is 400 W x 100 H. (pixels).
    Logo for mobile display and user account branding The logo that will appear within the job board or application workflow when a customer loads it on a mobile device/device with a small screen. If a user signs in or out of a themed job board or application workflow, then the Logo for Mobile display will replace the Avionté logo on those pages. 

    If a mobile logo does not exist for a theme, then then standard Avionté logo displays. 

    Click Browse to search for and upload a logo that will be visible on mobile displays. The maximum size is 160 W x 40 H (pixels).
    Website link

    Controls what web page the user will be taken to when they click on the logo.

    Note: This is URL is the same one that the Exit button links to in the Prescreen workflow section in an application workflow.

    Base accent color The color of accent elements on the job board or application workflow.  
    Header bar color The color of the header spanning across the top of the page.  
    Header text color The color of the text in the header across the top of the page.  
    Background color The color below the the header and outside of the active controls for the job board and application workflow.  
    Example preview with selected colors A preview of how the selected colors will look when applied to a job board or application workflow. Use the drop-down menu can be used to select a page (e.g. Job board preview or Application workflow preview) to preview the colors before applying to a given page.
    Note: If a Job Board or Talent module license does not exist, then a tool tip will display when accessing the corresponding preview.
  4. Click Save properties. 
    Note: If a workflow theme is updated while an applicant is actively applying to a job, the applicant can complete their application without seeing changes to a workflow theme.


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