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Updated 08/02/2021


Talent can be added into Avionté Web Platform by a resume parse (auto-gathering of information from a document) or by manually adding the information.

For either method, open the Add talent wizard by selecting the  from the top of the Avionté Web Platform Talent window in your web browser.


Parse from resume
Parse Fail
Replacing Existing Information during a Parse
Parser Resume Types
Manual Entry
    Check for Existing Talent


In the mobile view, Talent can be added by clicking the  button. Select Add Talent from the drop-down menu.



Parse from resume

Resumes uploaded into Avionté Web Platform can be automatically parsed into the system.


To parse a resume through the Add talent functionality:

  1. Click  to open Add Talent

  2. Click  to access files on your computer.

  3. Browse for the resume.

  4. Click on the resume file.

  5. Click Open.

  6. Click Parse Resume. The information from the resume is now available under the Talent's record. 

The Avionté Web Platform resume parser is a centralized, cloud-based service that provides multilingual parsing in more than 25 languages and parses from more than 50 different formats. The resume parser does not require a separate web service setup; one web service is set up in the cloud for all customers to use.



The resume parser currently takes one request at a time from a particular client and it can handle multiple clients at a time. However, the parser cannot cannot take a request to parse multiple resumes at once from the same client application. Any bulk processing can be done through core application's bulk resume processor.

The Resume link on the Talent card, , will display the most recently parsed resume. 


If a parse is successful, the document is saved under Talent > Profile Quicklink > Documents. The resume will display a "(parsed)" label. 



Parse Fail

If a parse fails, even though the resume information wasn't gathered and organized into the system, the document will still be saved under Talent > Profile Quicklink > Documents. The resume will display a "(failed)" label.


Parse Button

The Parse button becomes available for an uploaded document that has not yet been parsed or was temporarily unable to parse. Mouse-over the Documents area in Talent > Profile to reveal the Parse button. 




Replacing Existing Information during a Parse

If a new resume is added in Avionté Web Platform while another already exists, the newly parsed information will replace all of the Talent's existing resume information except for the Talent's name and email address.

Note: Any skill codes existing in the core application's Employee record will not be removed during an Avionté Web Platform Talent parse. 


A warning message displays when any parse request is made. 


If the name on the replacement resume does not match the name in the Talent's record, a warning message explains that the Talent's name and email address will not be replaced during the parse. 


The resume parser must detect a first name, last name and e-mail address when parsing the resume. If one of these fields is not detected, then an error message will display. 



NoteThere are certain values that are not considered for a first name, last name and contact method. Values which could be considered a common country, county, town or occupations are not extracted as names. This is to prevent incorrectly extracting the previous mentioned values. On those occasions, when we parse the document, the parse engine would look for a suitable alternative. If a first name, last name or e-mail address is not found, the resume parse will fail.



Parser Resume Types

An applicant may upload a resume (optional). Applicants can browse for the file, or simply drag and drop it into the resume area. Applicants can also copy and paste resume text into the resume area. 


If a resume is unable to parse into the system, it is most likely due to exceeding the file size restriction (30MB) or the resume contains unrecognized image formats. 

  • Accepted file types (up to 30MB)
.doc - a Microsoft Word format including:
      • Word for DOS
      • Word for Windows 1 and 2; Word 3 and 4 for Mac OS
      • Word 5 and Word 95 for Windows; Word 6 for Mac OS
      • Word 97 and later for Windows; Word 98 and later for Mac OS

.docx - a Microsoft Word format available in:

      • Word 2007 and later for Windows
      • Word 2008 and later for OS X
      • Miscellaneous open source word processing programs

.pdf - Adobe Portable Document Format.

Note: The resume parser does not work on image-based files—for example, the parser cannot parse a PDF produced by scanning a paper resume. Text-based files, including PDFs produced by exporting to PDF, are accepted and parsed. There is no check for which type of PDF an applicant has uploaded: both are accepted, but only text-based PDFs are successfully parsed. 

.txt - a standard document that contains unformatted text available in:

      • MS-DOS and Windows
      • Notepad
      • Unix
      • Mac OS X



Manual Entry

Manual entry allows a recruiter to quickly capture basic information (name, address, etc.) for a talent card if a resume is unavailable. Additional information may be added to the talent card later. Use of the resume parse functionality is recommended over manual entry.


  1. Select Manual entry from the top of the wizard.

  2. Enter the talent's first name in the First name field.

  3. Enter the talent's last name in the Last name field.

  4. Select a contact method from the Contact method drop-down menu. Once a contact method is chosen, the subsequent field will become available.
  • Enter the details for the contact method in the (email address, phone number, etc..) field. 
  • Select Add to add the talent to Avionté Web Platform in the form of a talent card.
  • A clickable notification will display allowing the recruiter to go straight into the detailed profile of the talent where more details can be added.



Check for Existing Talent

When a Talent is added, the system checks for any existing Talent record information by first name, last name and email address. If a duplicate first name, last name and e-mail address is found, another record will not be created since one already exists. If the Talent provides a different email address, another record will be created. 



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