Talent Card Overview

This page provides a summary view of a talent card in Recruiter Module. The parts of a talent card are broadly defined here, but some content is linked to pages with more in-depth information.

Each applicant and employee (referred to as "talent" in Recruiter Module) has a personalized talent card viewable in a scrollable talent card list within the main talent section. A talent card contains details about a specific employee or applicant including an overview, contact information, and other information needed for talent tracking and placement. 


Once a talent card is created, its data can be compared with order data enabling the staffing agency to filter qualified applicants according to the order request. Avionté Web Platform's intuitive layout and search functionality give recruiters the power to quickly create, find, and navigate talent cards.


Talent Card Header

Element Description
Select talent checkbox When checked, the talent may be included with other talent in list actions such as mass emails. For example, when selecting "Send email" to multiple recipients, all talent cards with a checked box will receive an email.  
Talent Name The first and last name of the talent.
SSN The talent's social security number (only the last four digits are visible).
Occupation Title The talent's listed occupation.
Talent Status See Talent Card Status Button table below.
Actions Menu See Talent Actions Menu table below.


Talent Card Status Button

The Talent Card status button reveals a menu of indicators that are configured by the staffing agency. Avionté Web Platform may offer default values, but the labels may be changed to any status description. 


Talent Card Actions Menu


Add as Candidate to Order

Avionté Web Platform users are able to associate a candidate to an order from multiple places in the application including the Talent card.

  1. Associate a candidate with an order by selecting Add as candidate to order from the Actions menu on a Talent Card.

  2. The Add as candidate(s) to order pop-up window will display. If recent orders are available, a list will be displayed. If not, select either the Order search or the My open orders button. 
  3. Enter search text in the search field and click the magnifying glass. A list of orders containing the search terms will populate.
    Note: The list can be rearranged by selecting the  icon in the Sort by menu.
  4. Click an order to select it in the list.
  5. Click Done to associate the candidate with the selected order and close the pop-up window.
  6. A "toast" pop-up confirmation will appear that shows the candidate is now associated with the order.


Talent Card QuickLinks

Visit the Talent Card QuickLinks article for in-depth details about the QuickLinks.



If the device has the ability to place a phone call, the supported dial pad displays with the number auto-loaded for dialing. 

Note: A "star" icon indicates this is the preferred contact method.

Opens a draft email in the recruiter's default email tool. The draft's "To" field is auto-populated with the talent's primary email address. Emails sent through the icon will not be recorded on the Talent record.
Opens a new browser window displaying the talent's most recently parsed resume.
Opens the talent's in-depth profile page containing information such as a complete address, associated documents, and parsed resume information. 


Talent Card Summary

Element Description
Contact Information If available, the individual's preferred contact data is displayed in the upper-left of the Summary section.
Salary desired The individual's desired salary.
Summary A summarized description of the individual's occupational focus and skill set.


Edit a Talent Summary

The talent card summary provides a basic overview of a specific employee or applicant. It is a free-form text field and can be edited or updated as information about the employee or applicant changes.   

Note: A summary will be automatically added to a talent card when a resume is parsed based on their introductory paragraph.


To edit a talent card summary

  1. Select a card.
  2. Click on the summary section. A text editing window containing the existing summary will appear.

  3. Make any edits to the summary.
  4. Select Save to record changes, or Cancel to close without applying changes.


Talent Card QuickViews

Visit the Talent Card QuickViews article for in-depth details about the QuickViews

Element Description
Career Contains information such as work history, resume, schooling.
Tasks Tasks (e.g. complete a document) assigned to the talent.
Q & A Interview questions, and other onboarding data.

A log of all messages associated with the selected Talent card. Messages logged in either the Core Application or Recruiter Module are displayed in the Messages QuickView. 


Talent Search

Avionté Web Platform provides an auto-view of Talent cards when selecting the Talent tab. To find specific individuals, use the search field in the upper left. Search results can be filtered by characteristics like Competencies, Other Qualifications, Location, and Last Name. 


Expand/Collapse Talent

Expand or collapse the Talent Cards by selecting  at the top of the page. The Talent Cards will collapse into just the header bar for each card, or expand to view the full talent card. 


Add Talent

Add Talent to Avionté Web Platform by selecting  at the top of the page.

For more details about adding Talent, visit Add Talent



Talent Menu

The Talent Menu contains actions to be applied to selected talent cards. Access the Talent Menu by selecting   at the top of the page. Once a card or multiple cards have been selected by placing a check-mark in the box next to the Talent's name, Talent menu actions, such as "Send an email", can be applied to the Talent. 


Talent Help

For help regarding the Talent section, select at the top of the page. Select  on any Avionté Web Platform page or, in many cases, a specific section, to access a help article related to that specific Avionté Web Platform page or section. 



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