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Updated 07/07/2021
The Summary item of the Contact section displays basic information regarding the contact as well as the shortcuts for navigating the section.



Contact Info 

Field Description
Name Name of the contact.
Title Title of the position held by the contact.
Main Address The primary address for the contact.
Record Type Indicates the type of record attached to the client.
Contact ID Identification number for the contact.

Customer/Agency Info

Field Description
Customer Name Name of the customer to whom the contact is associated.
Department Name Name of the specific customer department to which the contact is associated.
Branch Name Name of the specific branch to which the contact is associated.



Each shortcut is customizable by right-clicking on a button then selecting an option from the pop-up menu. This menu has the same options as the Actions menu. 




An indicator of the contact's current status - active, inactive, etc.



Contact Method

This group displays active methods to get in touch with the contact.


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