Contact Address

The Address item of the Contact section is used to record pertinent addresses for the contact.

Add an Address

  1. Click the New Address button on the upper-left corner of the window. This will clear the preexisting information in the Address group on the bottom of the page.

  2. Populate the fields according to these definitions:

    Field Description
    Address Type A categorization of the address - Work, Home, etc.
    Country The contact's country of residence.
    Street 1 The contact's street address.
    Street 2 The contact's street address.
    City The contact's city of residence.
    State The contact's state of residence.
    Zip Code The contact's residence zip code.
    Short Name A familiar name given to the contact's address - "Sunny's downtown office"
    Is Main Address Indicates whether the contact's address is the primary among multiple. 
    Address Source Indicates from which screen the address was created or updated. Can be Contact or Company. Addresses can have multiple records. Using this field, the user can verify if a contact is linked to a Company address.
  3. Click Save Address in the upper-left to save. 


Edit an Address

  1. Select an address from the grid at the top of the window. This populates the fields with the information pertinent to the selected entry.

  2. Click on a field and change the text as needed.

  3. Changes made to an existing address will change the New Address button in the upper-left to Save Address. Click the Save Address button to save edits.


Prompt when changing the address in the Contact screen:

Prompt when changing the address in the Contact screen.png


If No Create New is clicked, an "Are you sure" message displays:

If No Create New is clicked.png

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