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Updated 07/07/2021
The Detail item of the Contact section is used to edit the basic information for the contact. 


The data on this page is separated into the following editable groups:


Contact Info

Field Description
Salutation A professional greeting for the contact - Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.
First Name The contact's first name.
Middle Name The contact's middle name.
Last Name The contact's last name.
Title The contact's professional position name.
Status Indicates the status of the customer that the contact is attached to (i.e. active, prospect, etc.)
Contact ID Unique ID assigned to the contact.




Field Description
Customer Name Name of the customer that the contact is attached to. This field contains three buttons that perform the following functions:
  • The Binocular button jumps to the customer section allowing you to view the customer to which the contact is attached in greater detail.
  • The Magnifying glass allows you to change the customer that the contact is liked to.
  • The Red "X" removes the connection between the contact and the customer.
Department Name The customer department to which the contact is attached.
Branch The branch to which the customer belongs.




Field Description
Address Type Indicates the kind of address on file for the contact. Clicking the See All button opens the Contact Address wizard.
Country Indicates the country where the contact is located.
Street Address The street address for the contact.
Street Address The city where the contact is located.
State/Province Indicates the state or province where the contact is located.
Zip/Postal Code Indicates the postal or zip code where the contact is located.



Contact Method

This group catalogs all active means of getting in touch with the contact. To add new entries to this group:
  1. Select an option from the drop-down menu on the bottom-most cell of the of the Type column.

  2. Enter the corresponding data in the adjacent cell of the Value column.

  3. Press Tab on the keyboard to save the entry.

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