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The Message item of the Contact section allows you to enter notes regarding the contact. It can be accessed by clicking on the Message item of the sub-tree in Avionté or, if set up, by clicking the Log Message button from the Shortcuts group on the Summary item of the Contact section.


New Message

The New Message button enables users to create and attach a message to a contact. 

  1. With a current contact selected in the Contact section, select the Message sub-menu item. Any existing messages appear in the Message grid in the lower portion of the main window, with the default selected message populating the Message area above.

  2. Click the New Message button near the top of the window. The fields in the window are cleared to allow for entry for the new message.
  3. Populate the fields in the Message group according to the following definitions:
    Field Description
    Action Type The type of action the message is about. e.g. - Offer Refusal, Follow Up
    Time Stamp Auto-generated time and date the user clicked "New Message" to create the message.
    Description A summary description of the message. 
    UserName The name of the user that created the message.
    Subject The subject text that will accompany the message.
    Message A free-form text field where the user enters the actual message to be sent.
    Make This A drop-down menu featuring a selection categorizations of the message - appointment, message, or task.
    Message Date A drop-down menu featuring a calendar selection on which to set the appointment, message, or task.
  4. Populate the fields in the Make This section according to these definitions:
    Field Description
    Appointment When selected, complete the Start Date/Time and End Date/Time fields as needed for the appointment. You can also choose to set up a Reminder and then indicate a time for the reminder to appear prior to the appointment. Later, you can mark the appointment as complete by checking the Complete checkbox.
    Message When selected, you can change the Message Date by clicking the down arrow and choosing the date from the Calendar picker, or else leave the default value which is the current date.
    Task When selected, enter the Start Date and Due Date for the task. Later, you can mark the task as complete by checking the Complete checkbox. You can also set up recurrence for the task.

    1. To setup a recurring interval for the task, click the Recurrence button. The Task Recurrence window appears. 

    2. In the upper half of this window, define the pattern of the occurence (meaning the frequency of the recurrence). Select from the following:
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
    • Click the Regenerate new task after each task is completed checkbox to indicate how many times to generate a new task after each task has been completed. For example, if a daily recurrence pattern is chosen, to regenerate a new task 5 days after each task is completed, the task will recur again five days after the previous task was complete.
    • In the lower half of this window, you set the range of recurrence. Click the Start drop-down list to select the day to start range of recurrence from a calendar picker.
    • From the options to the right, select from the following:
    • No End Date: Recurrence does not end based on an end date.
    • End After: Task recurrence ends after the amount of recurrences you enter here.
    • End By: Task recurrence ends based on the date you select from the calendar picker.
    • Click OK when finished setting up the task recurrence.
  5. In the Message Link group box:
    Field Description
    Attach To A drop-down menu featuring Main Menu selections that will designate a link that will attach to the message. The link will point to a main Avionte section - Employee, Customer, Order, Assignment, Invoice, Paycheck, Contact, Agency, AR, User, Unemployment, Favorites, or WC Claim.
    Search Type A drop-down menu featuring Sub-Menu selections that will designate a link that will attach to the message. The sub-menu selections are dependent on the Main Menu item selected in the Attach To drop-down menu.
    Search Text Specific search text to be included in the link that will attach to the message.
    Search Result A drop-down menu designating the type of search result.
  6. Populate the fields in the Attached To group according to these definitions:
    Field Description
    Contact The specific contact to which the message will attach.
    Customer The customer to whom the contact is associated.
  7. When finished setting up the task, click Save & Close.


Add an Action Type

To add an option to the Action Type drop-down menu, visit the Add an Action Type help article. 


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