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Updated 07/07/2021
Contact Role is used to document how an individual contact relates to a business. This tab documents all specific information pertaining to an individual's role (i.e. their related customer or agency, department, role, if they are active within the company, etc.) Additionally, it displays all of their contact methods, important dates, messages and users who have entered information.
The "Time Approver" contact role is the only contact role that has special functions associated with it. Contacts with the role of "Time Approver" can receive a time approval email featuring "Approve" and "Reject" buttons.
Information in the Contact Role tab can be useful in creating reports. For example, users can create a report to see a history of interaction with people in a certain role.
Contact Role can also be used as a reference tool. For instance, it can be used to ensure that the correct people have a user name and password for the Customer Portal or that employees can get in touch with the correct person with questions. 
The available contact roles can be customized through Config Choice in Admin Tools.  

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