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Updated 07/08/2021
The Contact Method item of the Customer section records the means of contact for a particular customer, and identifies which of them is the primary method.


Add a Contact Method

  1. Select the desired contact method from the bottom-most cell of the Type column.

  2. Enter the appropriate value for the type of contact method in the adjacent cell Value column. For instance, if a Main Number has been selected as the contact method in the Type column, then enter that telephone number in the Value column.

  3. Enter any commentary regarding the contact method into the appropriate cell of the Description column.

  4. Indicate if the contact method is active by checking the box in the Active column. If the contact method is not active, leave that box unchecked.

  5. If the contact method is the primary means of contact for the customer, indicate this by checking the IsPrimary box in line with the method.
    Note: Only one contact method is allowed. Checking an empty box will remove the check from the box that had been previously checked.


Edit a Contact Method

  1. Click on each field to be edited.

  2. Make changes.

  3. Tab off the field.


Delete a Contact Method

  1. Right-click on the row of the contact method.

  2. Select Delete Contact Method(s).

  3. A pop-up window will prompt a confirmation. Click Yes to delete the contact method and return to the grid.


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