WcComp Rate Import AQ

The WcComp Rate Import is for updating and inserting new worker comp codes into Avionté. This article outlines the steps to complete this process.

Note: If the WcComp Rate Import is not available in Admin Tools > System > Reports > Advance Query please submit a ticket with the following information. 

  • Nature of Request: I would like an update specific to my Avionté application.
  • Subject: Add WcCompRate Import.
  • Ticket Type: Feeds > Import > Work Comp
  • Description: Please setup the WcCompRate Import.



After the WcComp Rate Import has been added to Avionté some additional setup is required. This should be completed by the customer to insure the correct mapping values are entered. 

To complete this setup:

  1. Go to Admin Tools > System > Import Export Mapping > Mapping type Data tab

  2. Select the Group Description "WcComp Rate Import."

  3. For each supplier:
    1. In MapFromID column enter the SupplierName value that will be entered in the import spreadsheet 

    2. In the MapToID select the supplier that the MapFromID value should map to.



User Access to Import

To give a user access to the WcCode import:

  1. Go to Admin Tools > System > Report > Advance Query tab

  2. Select WcComp Rate Import in the QueryName column.

  3. Select the User radio button.

  4. Check the checkbox next to the user name of the users you would like to have access to this import.

  5. Click Save 



Import File

An Excel file with the following columns in the exact order shown below is required for the WcComp Rate Import. Please use attached sample if manually generating file.

  1. SupplierName
  • This does not need to match the actual supplier name, and will be handled in the Import Export Mapping group.
  • WcCode
  • If updating WcCode rates then the WcCode must match exactly what it is in Avionté. Otherwise it will create a new WcCode.
  • State
  • Description
  • ProcessingMethod
  • The Processing Method should be RG or FG.
  • CountyCode
  • StartDate
  • EndDate
  • RatePercent
  • CostPercent
  • LNIEEPercent
  • LNIERPercent

The current/active rates will be ended the day before the start date of the new rate from the file you are importing.



Processing the Import

To run the import:

  1. Go to Import Export section from the Avionté Main Menu.

  2. Click New Batch.

  3. Enter a brief description for the batch.

  4. Select the WcComp Rate Import for the Mapping Group (this will populate the processing method field automatically).

  5. Browse and select the file to import.

  6. Select Is Available To All Branch parameter value.
  • Choose Yes if the import should give access to the WcCodes in import file to all branches in the supplier.
  • Choose No to manually set branch access after import in Admin Tools > Employer > WcCode

  • Select Is Recalc WCCode and GP Parameter value.
  • Choose Yes if the rates being imported are for historical data, and need to recalcuate the worker comp cost as well as gross profit.
  • Choose No if no recalcuation is required.

  • Click Finish.


Common Errors

Supplier name [Spreadsheet > SupplierName] has invalid or missing mapping.

  • If this error occurs, go back to the Admin Tools > System > Import Export Mapping > Mapping type Data tab and complete the missing or invalid mapping. 



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