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The Config Bank option in Admin Tools enables you to add, edit, or delete the list of banks that appear within the Avionte system. This list appears when you set up direct deposit for an employee. To display a bank in the drop-down bank list, the bank must be set as "IsActive", and the AllowDropDownEmployeeBankName config option must be set to True.
Note: When the config option is set to True, the list will appear to the user during direct deposit setup, but the user will not be able to manually enter a bank name.
To configure a bank, you need to know the bank's name and routing number.

To add or edit a bank:

  1. In Admin Tools, select the System category and then double-click the Config Bank option in the list on the right. The Config Bank window appears. If you already have banks defined in the system they will appear in the list. You can edit an existing bank by selecting it, or to create a new bank, click Add New.

  2. If you selected a bank to edit, the Config Bank group box in the lower portion of the window is populated with that bank's existing information. If you are adding a new bank, the fields will be blank. Edit the fields as necessary:
    • Bank Name: Enter the name of the bank as it is to appear in the drop-down list of banks.
    • Routing Number: Enter the bank's routing number.
    • IsActive checkbox: Check to include the bank in the drop-down list of banks in the Employee section. If unchecked the bank will not appear in the list.
  3. Click Save when finished to save or update the information.


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