Memory Limitation Error Messages


Updated 01/12/2023


When reports with a large amount of data are created in Classic, the date export may lead to errors as a result of the Classic 32-bit application environment exceeding the memory capabilities. These are the error messages that may be presented, along with next steps should they occur.


Error Message Issue Details Next Steps
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The export may fail to generate a document due to the volume of records.
Total Cells are greater than 1 million This message is a warning to the user to indicate that there is a large amount of data being processed and that it may result in issues. No action required, as the following messages will indicate if there is an issue
There are more than {0} records.
The file will be exported to multiple excel sheets.
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The number of rows exceeds the limit to produce a singular excel This message is notifying the user to expect multiple sheets to be created.
xlsx limit 1,048,576 rows
xls limit 65536 rows
No action required, just indicating a multiple excel sheet expectation
Unable to export the grid due to the size. Ran out of resources. 
Restart Application and change the parameters of the report to reduce the data required.
Out of memory This message indicates if the extract failed to create due to memory limitations. Restart Application and change the parameters of the report to reduce the data required.
Unable to open the new file. Ran out of resources.
Open file using the Excel application through File Explorer
Trying to open file error message This message indicates if the file is too big to open in the application Open locally and not through the application
There was a problem exporting the data Fail Safe generic message Default - If the issue is not related to memory limitations, this is the default messages when there are issues. Create a support ticket

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