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Updated 08/03/2021


Avionté Web Platform's Job Board provides a convenient, comprehensive view of all jobs that are currently available to job seekers. Job Seekers can quickly access information about the job's title, location, and a brief description of the position. They can also apply directly from the main screen.


Note: Existing job board content in the Avionté portals will eventually be migrated to the Avionté Web Platform's job board. 




Job Displayed on the Job Board

Once a job has been posted, job seekers can view and submit an application. 


This short video walks through the setup of a job board. 




Job Search

The Job Board provides a list of all available jobs. To find jobs that match a specific set of criteria, use the keyword search in the upper left. Search results can be filtered by characteristics like Postal code, mileage from a location, job type and job category. 



Applying Themes

Admin Users can brand sections of Avionté Web Platform according to a standard set of web colors using "Themes." Themes can be applied to job boards and application workflows. The Avionté Web Platform is deployed with an initial theme and five themes can be added. A notification will display when the maximum number of themes has been reached.


This short video walks through the fundamental usage of Theme functionality in the Recruiter Module's Admin section.



For theme application details, visit the Admin - Themes article. 



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