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Updated 11/19/2021


When a customer requests that a staffing agency fill a position, the staffing agency creates an order in Avionté Web Platform. The order includes information about the position: desired qualifications, position description, salary range, hiring company contact information, etc.


Notes Avionté Web Platform does not yet have the ability to create or manage temp orders or positions, however, an Avionté Web Platform  job board is able to post temp positions created and managed from the Avionté core application. 
In many instances in Avionté Web Platform , an element that has been engaged is blue. An element that is available is green.




Order Card

An Order Card displays a quick, simplified view of information related to an order. The Order Card features dynamic QuickLinks and QuickViews that provide further details about the order.


For more information about Order Cards, visit Order Card



Order Search

The Order area shares some common search functionality with other Avionté Web Platform  areas. The search field, saved searches, and basic filter operation are used in all areas of Avionté Web Platform



Add an Order

To add a new order to Avionté Web Platform, select  at the top of the page.




Order Help

For help on the Order section, select at the top of the page. Select mceclip0.png on any Avionté Web Platform page or, in many cases, a specific section, to access a help article related to that specific Avionté Web Platform page or section.



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