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Updated 08/02/2021


The Job Boards admin page allows an Aero Admin user to create new Job Boards and configure Job Board functionality and appearance.

Note: Existing job board content in the Avionté portals will eventually be migrated to the Aero platform's job board. 


Field Definitions
Add New Job Board
Edit Existing Job Board
Delete Job Board
Set Email “From” Address



To access the Job boards admin page, users must be enabled through the Admin - Permissions feature or be a Super User in the Core application.



Field Definitions


Field Description
Job board title The name given to this specific job board. Each job board has its own title to help classify the content of the postings and to differentiate the job board from others used in the same company. 
Board's URL address

A job board's URL is structured as: This is the address used in a browser address window to access the job board. 


The suffix (job board name) on the URL must be at least five characters.


Option Description
 Also link (default) to this job board from Enables a link between your company's main Avionté site and this job board. 
 Allow job board users to share posts via social media Allows visitors to share a posting from the job board to social media site. Users clicking a shared link will not be required to sign in. 


Job board status A job board can be set to active or inactive. Setting a job board to an inactive status may be convenient as content is being edited in the job board. 
Email "From" address The email address that will appear in the 'From' field when an email is sent to a recipient on behalf of the job board. 
Exit button redirect location When an applicant completes a posting, the process includes clicking an Exit button or a Continue job search button. When the Exit button is clicked, the user's computer will open the website designated in this field. 
Continue job search button redirection location When an applicant completes a posting, the process includes clicking an Exit button or a Continue job search button. When the Continue job search button is clicked, the user's computer will return to the job board or open the website designated in the Redirect to URL field.
Job board theme Select a job board theme from the drop-down menu to designate what the job board will look like. Themes are created in the Admin > Themes area. 
Automatically unpublish postings?

Postings can be automatically removed based on an order's status as explained by these options:


Pipeline - If talent is in an order's "pipeline" (nearly filled), the position will automatically unpublish from the job board.

Expired - When an order reaches an expiration date the posting will automatically be removed from the job board. 

Deleted - When an order is deleted the posting will automatically be removed from the job board.



  • If a user changes an order's status that affects Order Status to a Status that is set to
    automatically unpublish, the postings will automatically unpublish. Changing an Order Status back
    to an earlier status will not re-publish the posting. The posting must be republished.
  • The application checks for order status updates every 60 seconds.



Add New Job Board

A maximum of five job boards can be created.  Once five job boards have been created, the  icon will be disabled.


A new job board may not be created if another board is already being created and has not yet been saved.

  1. Select the  icon. A new, unconfigured Job Board will be displayed.

  2. In the Job Board title field, enter a Job Board title.  The Job Board title must be between 5 and 100 characters long.

  3. Select the Board’s URL address field.  This field will be auto-filled with the Job Board title. Spaces get replaced with “-” and the Job Board name is converted to lower-case. The Job Board URL can be customized but must follow the URL rules outlined below:
  • Between 5-100 characters
  • All lower-case
  • May contain alphanumeric,  “-” and “_” characters. No other special characters or spaces are permitted.
  • (Optional) Add a add a checkmark next to Also link (default) to this job board from to make this the default Job Board for the organization.
  • In the Email “From” address field, enter the desired email address that will send all outgoing messages related to Verification Codes and Application Receipt Confirmations.  See Set Email “From” Address below for more information.
  • In the Exit button redirect location field, enter the desired URL that applicants will be taken to after completing a job application.
  • Add a checkmark next to Allow job board users to share posts via social media to enable the capability to share jobs from this Job Board on social media.  
  • (Optional) Select a theme from the Job board theme drop-down menu.  A preview of the theme is displayed. See Admin - Themes for more information.
    Note: The Avionté theme will be applied to the Job Board by default.  However, once a custom theme is applied, the Avionté theme will no longer be available for use.
  • Select Save properties to save the Job Board configuration.



Edit Existing Job Board

Existing Job Boards can be edited at any time.  

  1. Select the desired Job Board from the list of existing Job Boards.

  2. Make the desired changes to any field in the Job Board.

  3. Select Save properties.



Delete Job Board

Job Boards cannot be deleted.  



Set Email "From" Address

The email address in the Email “From” address field is used to send Verification Code and Application Receipt Confirmation messages to applicants.


In cases where a Job Board has no Email “From” address, the address entered in the Email “From” address field on the Talent Module settings page is used to send these messages.  See Admin - Talent Module for more information.

If no Email “From” address has been entered in either of these locations, then these messages are sent from “”.



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