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Updated 11/19/2021


The Posting area shares some common search functionality with other Avionté Web Platform areas. The search field and basic filter operation are used in all areas of Avionté Web Platform

This page details search functionality specifically in the Posting area.



Filled/Unfilled Order Status

The checkbox allows users to see both filled and unfilled orders. If the box is left unchecked, only the unfilled orders will display.

Note: The box is unchecked by default.


When the box is checked and Apply filters is clicked, orders that have been filled will display in addition to the unfilled orders.  




In addition to a general keyword search, Avionté Web Platform users can search specific fields—for example, search for postings from a specific employer, or a specific Order ID.

After characteristic check boxes have been selected, click the Apply filters button to generate search results according to the selected filters.



Filters search results to only display jobs that were ordered by selected companies.

Job Title

Filters search results to only display Orders according to select job titles.


Filters search results to only display Orders according to the staffing agency that posted the job. 

Job Board

Filters search results to display jobs that have been posted to selected job boards.


Filters search results to only display orders that coordinates with a selected branch of the recruiting agency.


Filters orders according to their status on job boards - 

No postings - the order has not been posted

Live postings - the order is currently posted to a job board

Removed postings - the order was posted to a job board, but has been removed



Boolean/Advanced Talent Search

Boolean - also referred to as Advanced Search - is a type of text search that combines keywords with operators such as AND, NOT, and OR to refine search results. 


As an example, the phrase "alaska energy AND electrician" entered into the Talent search field will generate all Talent records containing both words.



Field Searching

An Avionté Web Platform page is made up of fields. The Postings area has specific names for its fields including "branch," "department," and "postedBoards." Additional field names are shown below in the Branch Field Names table. To view all of the available fields, enter a colon (:) into the search field and click the magnifying glass.


Specific searches can be performed by entering the field name > (no space) > colon > (space) > value. For instance, the phrase "branch: Minneapolis" entered into search will generate a list of Orders containing "Minneapolis" in the branch field. The field names are not case-sensitive and can be entered into the search field with or without capitalization. 


Searchable Field Description
branch The branch of the company to which the order is associated.
company The name of the company requesting the order.
companyID The unique ID associated with the company.
createdBy The name of the person who created the order.
department The department to which the order is associated.
employer The name of the employer that the order is associated with.
filledDate The date that the order was filled. The format of the date should be year-month-date. For example, 2016-10-03.
isFilled Whether the order has been filled - TRUE (or 1) for filled, FALSE (or 0) for open.To include filled orders, the checkbox must be checked for this filter to work if the value is set to True or 1.
isPostedToAvionté Web Platform JobBoard Whether the order is currently posted to the Avionté Web Platform Job Board - TRUE (or 1) for posted, FALSE (or 0) for not posted.
jobDescription The description written to summarize the job.
jobTitle The title of the job as on the order sourcing from the Avionté core application.
openedDate The date the order was opened for fulfillment.
orderID The unique ID associated with the order.
postedBoards The Avionté job boards that the order has been posted to.
status The current status of the order - Open, Expired, Filled, Completed, Deleted, or Partially Filled.
type The type of order record - Processed, Unprocessed, or Purged.



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