Billing Batch Action: Email Unsent Invoices

Avionte Classic's Billing Batch includes the Action Email Unsent Invoices. In the event of a disruption during the Billing Batch process which prevents the sending of all invoices, this allows batch processing without resending invoices that have already been sent successfully.

Key Takeaways

  • This tool is found at Billing Batch > Action > Email Unsent Invoices
  • The user must be configured to have access to this action under
    Admin Tools > Config Option > User > bil_EmailUnsentInvoiceForBillingBatch
  • Both the user and the customer must have email addresses set up for this tool to run successfully

Billing Batch Action_ Email Unsent Invoices.png

  • The feature of Email Unsent Invoice for Billing Batch must be made active at a User Config Option setting for ConfigOptionType bil_EmailUnsentInvoiceForBillingBatch. Be sure to restart the application once this has been configured.

  • A new column called Email Status has been added to the Application. This column can be found under Billing > Invoices > Email Status. It is set as the default option, but there is the choice to deselect it in the Field Chooser if the column is not desired.

    Note - in the example below, invoice 39 has an Email Status of (Success), so that one was successfully emailed. Invoices 40 and 41 were not emailed.


  • To activate, go to the Billing Batch > Actions > Email Unsent Invoices. This will prompt the user to click OK on the Send Mail Option prompt and then the system will send any invoices that were not emailed successfully [for those customers that have a valid email for emailing invoices in Customer >Billing > Setup]

  • All Unsent Invoices will now have an Email Status of Success.

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