Invoice Merge

To avoid sending multiple invoices to one customer, the Avionté application features the ability to display specified data from multiple invoices, for the same customer, on a singular merged invoice report.

[Note: The invoice data is maintained in the system as separate invoices for statement and payment purposes, this only allows the user to produce a singular report of combined data from multiple invoices]



To display invoice data from multiple invoices to a merged singular report, at least two open invoices must exist for one customer. 



  1. In the Avionté Suite application, Navigate to Main Menu > Back Office > Invoice > Search
  2. Search for an open invoice
  3. Double-click the invoice row. A summary of the invoice will display.
  4. From the Invoice Summary Actions menu, select Invoice Merge

  5. The first invoice will already be displayed in the first row. Select the second invoice that will be merged with the first row.

    Multiple invoices can be merged. Continue to add invoices if needed.
  6. In the Invoice As column, select a value that will display at the top of the one, merged invoice that will be sent to the customer.
  7. After entering all invoices to be merged, click Next
  8. The Invoice Merge Transaction Item Selection tab will display.

    1. Ensure the correct invoice items are selected for merging. Use the Select checkboxes on the right-hand side to do this.
      Note: The Deselect all zero items button will remove items from the invoice that have bill units of zero. This can prevent users from having to click multiple times to deselect items with the same criteria.
    2. To email the invoice to a customer, select Email Merged Invoice.
    3. To generate a preview of the invoice, select Invoice Preview.
  9. Click Finish.

Note: Invoice Merge functionality allows the details of two individual invoices to be displayed on a singular invoice report to the customer. However, for AR, each original invoice is still its own record.


Remove Invoice Merge

A Self-Serve Utility called Remove Invoice Merge is available. In the event that you have performed an invoice merge in error, this tool can be used to undo the merge. (Remember, Self-Serve Utilities are found within Reports.) This is useful as the Remove Invoice Correction tool does not unmerge invoices, if there is no correction involved.

To undo an invoice merge, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Reports > Self-Serve Utilities > Remove Invoice Merge, and double-click to open it.
  2. For the Invoice Number, place the number of the invoice that was merged into. (If you merged invoice 1 into invoice 2, put "2.")
  3. Choose a Supplier.
  4. Leave Group ID to Remove blank.
  5. Choose Run Phase Analysis.
  6. Click Run Query. A collection of merged invoices will be displayed, according to Group ID, Invoice Numbers Included, and Invoice Amount. The logic used is the same as that used for View Invoice.
  7. Type the Group ID that you want to remove into the Group ID to Remove field.
  8. Choose Run Phase BackUp.
  9. Click Run Query. The message "Backup Successful" should be displayed.
  10. Choose Run Phase Commit.
  11. Click Run Query. The message "Invoice Merge Removed Successfully" should be displayed.

Now you can return to Actions > View Invoice. The original unmerged invoice should be displayed. 


Identify Which Invoices Have Been Merged

If you go to Customer > BackOffice Setup > AR Balance - there is a column "Merged" that indicates if the invoice is part of a merged invoice.

  • The field is read-only
  • It displays a check if the invoice is a part of a merged invoice group


View Invoice Merge Details

After invoice merges have been completed, the details can be viewed in the Merged Invoices module. This is found in a sub-menu beneath the AR Balance module (The path is: Customer > BackOffice Setup > AR Balance > Merged Invoices). The AR Balance module of the Customer section enables the tracking of outstanding Accounts Receivable payments for specific invoices associated with the customer (invoices with a remaining balance).

Note: an admin will have to provide access in Admin Tools > System > Form to users in order for them to see the Merged Invoices section under AR Balance.


Screenshot: Merged Invoices module



This will display the details of merged invoices.

  • It will display each of the Merged Invoices [Invoice Groups] on a line with the total consolidated Amounts for all the fields that can be consolidated
  • You can expand and see all of the single invoices included to make the Merged Invoice totals
  • You can collapse to hide the single invoice details

After going through a merge process, you will be able to see the structure of how the invoice groups are put together. The top lines (Merged Invoice Number, etc.) will contain the invoices as they appear. Underneath are listed the invoices associated with that group, with the associated balance information. As invoices are added to merges, returning to the screen and clicking Refresh will show the additional groups and their details. As time progresses, the data will be sorted into age groups.

The system also displays the data from invoice corrections, after a refresh. 



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