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The Post Payment sub menu of Accounts Receivable (AR) allows a user to apply payments to invoices. Multiple payments from multiple customers can be processed in a single batch.



Access AR Post Payment
Select Invoices
Select Invoices Manual Entry
Create New Invoice
Review Transactions
Process Payments
AR Batch Report
Other Tasks in Post Payment



Access AR Post Payment


The Post Payment sub menu opens automatically when you create or select an AR batch.

  1. In the main menu, navigate to Back Office > AR.
  2. In the upper, right-hand corner of the screen, click New Batch.
    1. Creating an AR Batch
  • Or, to open and edit an existing AR batch instead, using the AR Search.
  • The Post Payment sub menu opens automatically.


Check Defaults

The default Default Check #, Default Date Received, Default Date Posted will apply to all the invoices selections done in the AR batch. The Default Check #,  Default Date Received, Default Date Posted will remain persisted as long as the user stays in the AR Batch screen.

Note: If the user closes the AR Batch screen those fields will be reset when they reopen the active AR Batch.




Select Invoices

Select Invoices Wizard

Click the Select Invoices button to open the Select Invoices window. This window allows a user to search for, edit, and then insert invoices into an open AR batch. Search for invoices by either Customer Name, or by Customer ID.





Select Invoices Manual Entry

Users may also select invoices by typing an invoice number directly into the Enter Invoice Number section of the AR Post Payment tab.





Create New Invoice

  • Click Create New Invoice to add an invoice that is not already in the system. Click Create New Invoice
  • Creating a new Invoice




Review Transactions

In the Enter Invoice Number grid of the Post Payments tab, edit the columns as necessary to assign the correct Check Number, Date Posted, and Reason to each invoice.

Note: Many columns cannot be edited, as they are populated from the original invoice (for example, Invoice Amount).




Enter check number

Enter the Check Number for the check that is being used as payment for this invoice. 


Enter date posted

Date Posted defaults to today. To change the date, type in a new date (MM/DD/YYYY), or click the drop-down arrow and select the date from the calendar.


Edit payment amount

The Payment Amount field is only editable while the invoice is being added to the batch. If you need to change the payment amount, and the field is no longer editable, follow the steps below to delete that row and then add the invoice again.

  1. Right-click the row.

  2. Click Delete Payment.

  3. Add the invoice again manually, making sure to edit the payment amount before clicking away from the row.
    Manually selecting Invoices


  4. Add the invoice by clicking Select Invoices, making sure to edit the payment amount before clicking Insert selected Invoice(s).
    select Invoices


Choose payment reason

In the Reason column, choose a reason or category for the invoice payment amount (for example, Regular Payment, Short Pay, Discount).

Note: The value entered into the Reason column allows General Ledger (GL) entries to be broken out by category.


If necessary, you can add a new Reason code to attach to invoice payments.



Process Payments

To apply the payments to the selected invoice—which closes the active batch and its transactions to further edits—click Process Payments. Because this closes the batch, do this only after all transactions in the batch are accurate and finalized.


A pop-up message displays with the text “AR Payments have been processed.” Click OK.

(Alternatively, if the Config Option PromptUserWhenPostingARPayments has been enabled, a different message appears: "Accounts Receivable Payment to be processed. Are you sure you want to proceed?" The message will have Yes and No options. If the user chooses Yes on the prompt, the Process Payment action will take place. Otherwise, the user can select No and you can continue to make changes. This can help prevent you from selecting the option in error.)



The AR Batch Report automatically opens in the Avionté Report Viewer. You can print the report, or save it to Excel or PDF.

Note: The AR Batch Report may be opened later by searching for and selecting the appropriate batch, then clicking the AR Batch Report button.



AR Batch Report

Click AR Batch Report to open a summary of the current AR batch in the Avionté Report Viewer. You can print the report, or save it to Excel or PDF.





Other Tasks in Post Payment

Here are some additional specialized tasks you can accomplish within Post Payment.



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