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Updated 10/25/2021


The EDocumentURL property specifies the URL behind the eDocs link in the Employee portal. 



EDocumentURL properties

Admin Tools location: Employer Category: (Select Employer) > Detail tab
Default: https://[3-digit company code]
Valid values: Valid URL
Where the setting is reflected... Anywhere in core application where EDocuments are displayed, including Employee > Documents > EDocuments, and the EDoc section in the Main Menu.
Adjust the URL 
  1. Locate the property EDocumentURL in the List of Property section.

  2. Click Edit. A Value window displays.

  3. Replace the URL in this window with your specific company URL.
    • Example -

  4. Click OK to save the value and close the window.

  5. Click Save in the Supplier Administration window to save the changes to the system.



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